Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Forever Living and doTerra Essential Oils - Why I do both

 Versus? or Both?

It may seem unusual and some say as a marketer you should concentrate on one business but if you've traveled around my blog you will see that I enjoy diversification, I enjoy multiple streams of income and I believe in both of these companies, the products they have and the compensation plans each of them use.

In fact, doTerra essential oils and Forever Living aloe products, in my view, compliment each other, some products I prefer in either business where the products are similar but the most important aspect for me is they are natural products, they don't cause us harm and they help our wellbeing, avoiding the use of standard drugs which I personally seek to avoid at all costs.

Both companies have a good established base and will be around for a long time. Another important aspect when you are looking at building residual income. Forever Living is more long term established, founded in 1976 and still vibrant today. I have used their products for more than 20 years, on myself, my family and my animals.

A little known fact if you have horses who have accidents.. scarring is reduced and while normally hair regrowth will be white regardless of the natural colour, treating wounds with Aloe Vera Gelly not only increases the healing speed but hair grows back the same colour as original. I still to this day remember the first presentation I attended when we were shown how the Gelly helped cows burned in a fire! 

When I came across doTerra (founded in 2008) in 2011, I was equally impressed with the purity of the oils, the almost magic way colds and sore throats could be whisked away and I haven't taken a prescription or over the counter headache remedy since I discovered Past Tense. I'm neither vegetarian nor vegan but I have friends who are and they will happily use these essential oils and blends as there are no additives, just pure oils.

 My ultimate choice is to have both in my medicine cabinet.

So let's look at them a little more closely: 

  • Both are based on the use of natural, pure, organic materials 
  •  Both allow us to maintain our wellbeing without the use of prescription or over the counter drugs. 
  • Both are ethical - very important in my view, and support charities through the Forever Giving Foundation and the Healing Hands Foundation for doTerra 
  • Both are environmentally friendly in terms of production and materials used, committed to increasing recycling, reducing waste and reducing their global footprint. 
  • Both produce, in addition to their key essential oil and aloe vera products; full ranges of personal care products  and weight management
  • doTerra focuses more on the oils themselves, and the benefits of using them in holistic treatments such as aromatherapy and massage
  • Forever Living diversifies more into beauty  and cleaning products
In my view?  You can't have enough of either or both but be aware not to confuse yourself or your body by mixing them too much!

 So now that you know you will love the products, you can shop for them here Forever Living  and doTerra

So what about making that residual income?

In both cases, registering as a distributor means you can purchase wholesale and make money from sales from your site.

and come back tomorrow for more detail on building a business to secure residual income !

See you then !

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