Thursday, 1 March 2018

 How Safe is My Holiday Let?

Hot Topic at this time of year, both for those of us looking for holidays and those owners and agents who let all those lovely holiday apartments and cottages to us.

It is vitally important that as owners of holiday accommodation we take our responsibilities seriously as if anything happens, a guest has an accident, there is a fire, or worse, as we have all heard of, a death occurs from carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty gas appliance then we may be liable to a claim or worse, prosecution may take place. 

I'm not intending to frighten or put people off letting out their properties, just remind you that you DO have responsibilities.  Its not difficult to make sure your property complies and I can help you if you don't have the time or don't know what to do.  There is lots of information online as well. 

Every holiday let owner is under a Duty of Care to make sure their property not only complies with the law, there is a specific Duty of Care for example under legislation relating to Fire Safety, but generally to consider a number of different elements and carry out risk assessments on an annual basis. 

Here is a quick checklist of things you should do before your season starts.

  1. Health and Safety Risk Assessment, includes play equipment, hot tubs as well as the property
  2. Fire Risk Assessment - including a fire procedure notice displayed in your property for guests
  3. Annual Gas Safety check - display a copy in your property
  4. PAT test your electrical goods, preferably annually but this may depend on the amount of use
  5.  Carbon Monoxide alarms if there is a solid fuel or gas appliance
  6. Make sure your upholstered furniture displays valid fire reduction labels ( sometimes a 'Kite' Mark but not always)
  7. Check all electrical systems every 5 years
  8. Have your insurance policy in place, property, contents and PUBLIC LIABILITY!

I'm working with Holiday Home Hunter (specialising in hot properties in Woolacombe Devon - best beach in Britain) and their owners so that you know if you decide to go with them, and I would personally recommend both the agency and the destination,  as a guest, your safety is taken seriously.

 (photo attributable to Hughie O'Connor)

Happy Holiday Hunting and if you're an owner, contact me if you want more information !


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