Kath Stent is a highly skilled environmental health and housing consultant with over 40 years experience in change management,  reviewing and developing innovative ways to deliver services and  helping people achieve their goals.  She has delivered many innovative projects for local councils to secure environmental change and help people live safe and secure lives.

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As an entrepreneur she is a strong believer in diversification to maximise income.    As well as working with local councils, she supports local businesses, landlords and developers with health & safety risk assessments for both residential and tourist accommodation and by offering mediation. 

Environmental issues, healthy living and natural healing are very important to her and she has further diversified by developing businesses which support the environment by the use of natural products.

Mentoring and helping others achieve success is vital in any field and Kath uses her own skills and those of others to help people she works with to achieve their goals.

An excellent listener, able to apply practical solutions, Kath has a reputation for successful delivery and her aim is to give people the tools and skills to make their ultimate choices to achieve their work:life balance.

Through this blog, Kath aims to :-
  • introduce her work and the duty of care all letting businesses need to comply with
  • show how contractors can maximise their income
  • show how diversifying and adding additional income streams provides freedom
  • provide one or more opportunities to develop an additional income stream,
  • support learning and development through mentoring

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